Highlight January 2023 | God’s Word in the Korowai Dialect

Jesus Is Worth It | Korowai | HeartCry Films

We are excited to kick off our first monthly highlight with this short film from HeartCry Missionary Society. The description below comes directly from their YouTube page.

Watch | Learn | Pray | Share | Obey

Paul Snider has labored for ten years as a missionary to the Northern Korowai people in Papua, Indonesia. In the course of these years in the jungle, Paul was struck by a series of nearly fatal diseases, which forced him back to the States to recover. But by the grace of God, Paul determined to press on through his suffering and continue the work. After two years of toil and adversity, Paul at last makes a return to Indonesia.

Contact Paul Snider: psnider@heartcrymissionary.com Paul Snider’s sending church: bethanybiblemn.com To learn more about the Korowai: tothekorowai.com

Holding the Rope

How can you be a spiritual and practical help?

  • LEARN – Learn more. Begin to pray. Personally obey
  • TELL – Share on social media and tell your friends, family and local church.
  • CONSIDER – Send encouragement to Paul Snider and HeartCry.
  • GIVE – Give to the work.

We at Bible Rebinders aim to use our platforms to help make known the need for Bibles, the true Gospel, and biblical resources and teachings around the world. Learn more and follow our blog.

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