Men behind the scenes

Below are a few men who are behind the scenes and/or are contributors to the blog page. Be sure to read the Welcome and Why? A Note From Jeremy.

May the Lord be glorified, the church be edified, those without Bibles receive the written Word, and the Gospel go forth to those who are without true and lasting hope.

Jon Holladay

Christian. Husband. Father. Rebinder. Sinner saved by the Grace of God.

Jon is a contributor to Rebinders for Bibles and is the founder of ICA (In Christ Alone) Bibles out of Texas. MORE COMING SOON.

ICA Bibles | Facebook

Jeremy B Strang

Christian. Husband. Father. Author. Rebinder. Healthcare Worker.

Jeremy was saved by the grace of God in May of 2001. He is the founder of Rebinders for Bibles, married with 5 children, started rebinding in late 2020, and currently works full-time traveling heavily in the healthcare field. Jeremy lives in Oklahoma.

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Daniel Thrailkill

Tentative – Coming Soon.

Logos Rebinding | Facebook

MORE to be added SOON!

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